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Basic Life Support And AED


      Includes Covid-19 Guidance as per the Resuscitation Council UK


This course will provide the knowledge and skills to deal with a Cardiac Arrest within the dental practice and includes practical cpr training and the use of an AED.

The Resuscitation Council (UK) states “Dental practitioners and other dental healthcare staff should update their knowledge and skills in resuscitation at least annually”



It meets the CQC requirements for medical emergencies:

regulation 12: safety of care and treatment

regulation 17: good governance


Training objectives:

  • Review the signs and symptoms of a Cardiac Arrest

  • Review the use of pockets masks and BVM’s

  • Review the use of oxygen during CPR

  • Perform Basic Life Support (Adult and Child) with Covid-19 guidance

  • Review the importance of defibrillation

  • Review AED types with shockable rhythms

  • Review maintenance checks

  • Review safety procedures

  • Review the use of an Oropharyngeal airway


2.5 hours



This course meets the criteria for the GDC’s Development Outcomes B, C and D

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