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CQC require all staff to undertake safeguarding training to be able to identify the possible signs of abuse and neglect in children and venerable persons. The course covers how to deal with these concerns and complies with The Care Act (2014) which clarifies expectations about safeguarding adults training.

It meets the CQC requirements for safeguarding Children and Adults at risk

Regulation 13: Safeguarding service users from abuse and improper treatment


Staff are not restricted to the minimum level of training identified as appropriate for their role, practices may choose to offer a higher level of safeguarding training for some or all staff.

Level 1 is required for non clinical staff

Level 2 is required for dentists and dental care professional

Level 3 is required for paediatric dentists and paediatric orthodontists



Training objectives:

  • Understand the term ‘Safeguarding’

  • Understand the Laws and Acts surrounding Safeguarding

  • Understand GDC and CQC standards and requirements

  • Understand Multi-Agency working

  • Understand why we need Safeguarding measures in place

  • Recognise the indicators of neglect, harm and abuse in a Child and a vulnerable Adult

  • Understand who might be abused and who might be an abuser

  • Understand the role of the Safeguarding Lead

  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the Dental Team

  • Ensure there is a robust recruitment process in place

  • Know when and how to raise a Safeguarding concern

Level 1 and 2                          3 hours    £325

Level 3 (inc Level 1 and 2)      6 hours    £475


This course meets the criteria for the GDC’s Development Outcomes A,B, C and D

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